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Video Games (classic and current), Bands, Cds, Videos, Vinyl Records, 70s & 80s pop culture items & collectables, Atari, Banana Seat Bike, Musical Inst. and Accessories, 8mm, super 8mm & 16mm Equip., etc. We can help you find that hard to find item.... We buy, sell and trade!

Glitter Music can ship to you. Our telephone number is 919 601 3131 and we are available to serve you. You can visit our retail store, which is open sat and sunday from 8am - 5pm, located at Watson's Marketplace on Rock Quarry Road just inside the beltline (i-40) in Raleigh, NC. We try to keep our up to date but we realize that it is impossible to keep our inventory online. Please feel free to email your wish list or telephone during business hours and we will be glad to help you find your items. Glitter Music is also the home of Glitter Films, The Band Bunker & The Raleigh Banana Seat Bike Club. My name is Kirk so please dont hesitate to email or telephone me. thanks kirk


A bicycle; Actual size=240 pixels wide

That's me, Kirk, inside the Blount Street retail store. The building has been sold. How long before I have to move out of the building?

Selected item of interest.....Moog mg-1 realistic analog synth, $275.00.....Sears Screamer banana seat bike, 5 speed with shifter and slick rear tire $150.00.....1967 Fender Music Master II electric guitar, $399.99.......Atari 2600 starter kit, comes with two controllers, 40 game carts and all hook ups, $39.99......

I love my Yellow Stingray! Wendy, Raleigh, NC. Your store is the coolest! Bart, Raleigh, NC. My husband loved those coleco vision super action controllers, thanks. Lori, Miami, Fl.

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