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The Glitter Factory is this crazy little place that has music stuff, art stuff and some vintage 60s, 70s and 80s pop culture items.

The Glitter Factory has moved as well as opened the Glitter Gallery (art gallery)!

Open Mon, Thur, Fri from 11am till 6pm, Sat 10am till 6pm and Sun 1pm till 6pm.

Located at 107 W Hargett St. (inside the Father and Son Antiques Bldg.) between McDowell and Salisbury in Beautiful Histroric Downtown Raleigh, NC.

Directions: From I-40 and I-440, take Hammond Road exit and head toward downtown, You'll several blocks as you head toward downtown Raleigh. Take a left on Hargett St. You'll go through 3 stop lights and we're on the left.

October 31 Speak and Play at Bickett Gallery as part of the Stammer poetry slam.
First Friday November. DJ Cutlass will be spinning in the "Record Hole" at the Glitter Factory/Glitter Gallery/Father and Son Antiques as part of the David Rose show at the Glitter Gallery and Father and Son Antiques.
Second Saturday November. Opening Reception at The Green House. 1 Ashe Ave. Raleigh.
First Friday December. 50 Under 50. 50 pieces of Art under $50.00 at the Glitter Gallery and Father and Son Antiques.
Febuary 2004
Saturday 14 Skottie Irving and Pattie's Wedding!

Featured Items
Atari 2600 Starter (re-starter) Systems. Tested, complete and comes with two controllers, paddles, power supply, tv hook up and 20 game carts. $85.00
Tons of Atari Carts and NES Carts starting at .50 (sorry, i dont have list, but email me your wish list)
Video Games
I love those classic video games so much that I only seek those. Atari, Intellivsion, Colecovision, Vectrex, Nintendo, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Genesis, Sega, and the list goes on and on. I have too much to list on this website, but wheather its a power supply, controller, tv hook-ups, games, special pieces, etc. drop me an email and I may just have what you need.
Pitfall II $9.00
Mouse Trap $2.00
Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle $2.00
Omega Race $2.00
Carnival $4.00
Subroc $2.00
Subroc $2.00
Subroc w/photocopy inst. $3.00
Donkey Kong Jr $6.00
Donkey Kong $2.00
Donkey Kong $2.00
Q bert $4.50
Zaxxonn $2.00
The Official Space Fury $2.00
Lady Bug $8.50
Destructor $8.00
Turbo $2.00
Gorf $3.00
Squish' Em featuring Sam $7.00
Antarctic Adventure w/photocopy inst. $4.00
The Dam Busters w/photocopy inst and mission guide $12.00
The Official Buck rogers Planet of Zoom w/photocopy inst. $8.50
Ken Uston Blackjack Poker $10.00
Victory w/photocopy inst. $4.00
Space Panic w/photocopy inst. $4.00
War Room w/inst. $5.00
Rocky w/inst $5.00
Super Action Baseball inst only $1.00
War Games w/inst $5.00
War Games photocopy inst $1.00
Venture CBS $ 7.00
Venture w/phoytocopy inst. $ 5.00
Venture $ 4.00
Roc'n rope w/photocopy inst. $3.00
Frenzy w/photocopy inst. $5.00
River Raid w/inst. $11.00
Pitstop w/ inst. $8.00
BC's Quest for Tires II Grog's Revenge $6.00
Pepper II $5.00
Cosmic Avenger w/inst. $6.00
Cabbage Patch Kid's Adventures in the Park $3.00
War Games (very nice label) $6.00
The Official Space Fury $2.00
The Official Space Fury w/inst $5.00
shipping and handling....$3.00 first item, $1.00 additional item. International Shipping More.
Music Equipment and Instruments
From time to time I get in really cool used gear. Analogue, Vintage, new, used....I get it in. I carry new GHS strings for your guitar, bass, banjo etc. even your baritone guitar! Drop me a line and tell me what is on your wish list and when I get it in I'll drop you an email.
Pop Culture Items...60s 70s and 80s
From the Beatles, to Pac-Man to ET to New Kids on the Block, to Enya to Snoopy....Who do you like and what do you like? I have cool lunchboxes, antique snowglobes, classic sneakers and skate shoes, vintage stickers, posters, t-shirts, records, 8 track tapes and the list goes on and on. Email me!!!
Music For Sale
I have tons of really cool vinyl records, cassettes, reel to reel tapes, play tapes, cds and almost every type of recorded media. I even have some vintage unopened 8 track tapes. Again, email me.
North Carolina Releases
Milagro Saints "Midnight America" Soulful, Folk Rock comes to mind. Wonderful harmonies. $8.00 pp.
Clang Quartet "The Separation of Chruch and Hate" Noise, Sound Scapes, Loops, Industrial. $9.00 pp
Falling Shadow "self titled" Nice little 7 song cdr release. Homemade and home recorded. Hardcore meets pretty beautiful female vocals singing nice melodic melodies with some guy screaming in the background. $6.00 pp
National Releases
Einsturzende Neubauten "9-15-2000, Brussels" Live recording from a very cool industrial band from Germany. LE cd, only 2000 made $20.00 pp
Tub Ring "Fermi Paradon" Think indie rock. $9.00 pp
Apocalypse Theatre "Lost in America" Electronic, Industrial $9.00 pp
Pig Face "Easy Listening" Martin Atkins is joined by tons of know name and a new Pigface record is released. $9.00 pp

To order product, we accept, usps money order and well hidden cash. Email letting me know what you want, your mailing address and i'll let you know shipping and handling charges.
Glitter Music
POB 12042
Raleigh NC 27605
919 601 3131

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